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Billing & Insurance

Let us assist you.

Your procedure is over, your stay with us has ended, but now you may have additional paperwork to fill out. We can help. From forms and financial questions to working with Medicare or your insurance provider, Mesa View Regional Hospital is as passionate about assisting patients with what happens after a medical procedure or emergency as with the care that occurs during it. Use the information in this section to help the billing and payment process go smoothly.

What is the billing process?

We’ll bill your insurance company in a timely manner and do everything we can to expedite your claim. But remember, payment is ultimately your responsibility. If we bill your insurer, and after their portion is paid and the account is not taken care of, we’ll look to you for final settlement of your bill.

Otherwise, we accept:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

If you can’t pay your bill, we may be able to help.  You may be eligible for financial assistance programs.


If you have questions about your bill, please be sure to have your patient number and date of the hospital visit handy and call 833-291-0462.

If you have insurance:

We accept all major health insurance plans and managed care programs, including:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans:

    Healthcare Partners: (The Plans Below Must be through Healthcare Partners, or not in-network)

    – Humana Gold Plus HMO (Specialists only), United Health HMO, Select Health Advantage HMO

    P-3 Health Partners Only: (These Plans Must be through P-3 or they not in-network)

    – Alignment Health HMO, Anthem HMO, Blue Advantage HMO, Hometown Health HMO, Prominence HMO

    – Silver Summit HMO, All-Well Siver Summit Medicare Advantage Plans: DSNP-P3 / MAPD-USHS / MAPD-P3

    Independent: Aetna Medicare Advantage, HMO and PPO, Humana PPO, Select Health Advantage PPO, -AARP Medicare Complete HMO Plan 1, Molina Medicare Advantage

    Medicare Supplement Plans:

    All ‘true supplement’ plans, which fall under the description of ‘Medi-Gap’ plans, are in-network at Mesa View Regional Hospital, regardless of the underwriter. They can be easily identified as plans in which the description is a letter, such as; Plan F, Plan G, Plan L, Plan M, Plan P, etc. . These plans can and are sold by the same underwriters as those who sell Advantage Plans, such as Aetna, Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana, Sierra, etc. All Supplement Plans are in-network at Mesa View, however, not all Advantage Plans are. Be cautious when making plan decisions.

    Medicaid Plans:

    Anthem/Blue Cross HMO Plans | HPN, Sierra Health Nevada Medicaid | Molina Health Medicaid

    Silver Summit Nevada Medicaid | Nevada Medicaid, Utah Medicaid, California Medicaid

    Commercial, Retirement and Other Plans:

    · Aetna Commercial Plans

    · Am-better Insurance Plans through Silver Summit

    · Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Commercial & Federal Retirement Plans

    · Beechstreet Network

    · Blue Cross/Blue Shield – Anthem – Commercial & Federal Retirement Plans

    · Cigna Commercial Plans (Not for Medicare Advantage)

    · Coventry Health (Not for Medicare Advantage)

    · First Health Network

    · Great West (Not for Medicare Advantage)

    · Health Care Partners | In-Network for specialists only – not primary care providers.

    · Health Management Network

    · Health Net – Veterans PCCC, Utah, Veteran’s Choice Program

    · Hometown Health Plans

    · HPN – Health Plan of Nevada, PPO Commercial, HMO Nevada Exchange Plans & Medicaid

    · Humana Gold Plus Medicare HMO plans (Through Health Care Partners – Specialists Only)

    · Humana Medicare Advantage PPO | Choice Care (Health Care Partners) Primary & Specialists

    · Indian Health Services – IHS – LV Moapa Paiute Tribal Health

    · Molina Health Plans

    · Multi-Plan Including PEHP

    · NPPH/UHN (Universal Health Network) NV Preferred Professionals Health | Hospital Only

    · PHCS (Private Healthcare System and affiliates, Connecticut General, GE, Guardian)

    · Select Health Value Commercial Plans

    · Sierra Health | HPN PPO Commercial & Medicaid (No Medicare Advantage Plans)

    · Silver Summit Health Plan and Silver Summit Ambetter plans – Medicaid

    · Teacher’s Health Trust, EMI (Cigna) (PPO only)

    · Tricare – Military and Tricare for Life (as a secondary to Medicare) Military Retired

    · Tri-West Healthcare Alliance, Veterans PCCC, NV Choice Program

    · United Healthcare PPO (Non-Medicare Advantage)

    · United Healthcare Medicare Solutions HMO Retiree Plan

    · Workers Compensation

    Qualifying Statement: Just because a plan is not listed here does not indicate that they will or will not authorize and/or cover medical treatment at Mesa View depending on circumstances.

    * This list is intended to be a guide, not a guarantee of Mesa View’s contract status or your plan or payer’s benefits and/or provisions.

    Questions or concerns: Call Rob Fuller @ 702-345-4244, email: [email protected]

If you don’t have insurance:

For non-emergency care, you may be asked to pay a deposit when you’re admitted or when you register for an outpatient procedure.


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