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Test your asthma I.Q.

For more than 25 million people in America, breathing easy is hard work. Asthma causes inflammation in the airways, especially after breathing in something that irritates them.

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How Overworking Hurts Your Heart

Consistently logging long hours at work can leave you stressed and fatigued, but there’s a potential consequence that may not be readily apparent — a higher risk of heart-related complications. Your heart is no stranger to hard work — if you live 70 years, it may beat...

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Diabetes and the Flu can be a Dangerous Combination

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and wants people to stay on track with their care during the COVID-19 pandemic and start of the flu season. “We’ve seen how avoiding the doctor and emergency room has negatively impacted the health of...

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Sepsis: An Unrecognized Risk

Sepsis affects 1.7 million people in the U.S. annually, but Americans still know less about this potentially life-threatening illness than they do about rare diseases, such as Ebola and malaria. Sepsis occurs when an overwhelming response to an infection triggers...

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Ready, Set, Safe! – There’s More to First-Aid than CPR

Ready? Summer fun is just about here: sun, sports, pools and other outdoor activities abound. It’s no surprise that the summer season can also be the busiest for your local emergency room and medical clinics. Educating yourself and your family about how to handle an...

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Concussion Warning Signs and Sports

With fall upon us, football and soccer are well underway. Sports and outdoor activities are good ways to stay healthy and active, but there are risks of injury too, especially with contact sports. Concussions are common sports-related injuries that frequently go...

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