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Wound Care

Chronic, non-healing wounds, those that haven’t shown signs of improvement in several weeks or are not responding to typical treatments, need extra help to heal. Difficult wounds of this type are often caused by injury, disease or poor blood supply. Mesa View Regional Hospital provides specialized treatment for these types of wounds.

Patients with chronic non-healing wounds can now benefit from a comprehensive wound care program including hyperbaric oxygen treatment for the first time in Mesquite.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen that is available to body tissue. This helps stimulate new tissue growth and maximizes white blood cells’ ability to fight infection and promotes the formation of new blood vessels.

Treating Different Wounds

Diabetic wounds, vascular insufficiency ulcers, non-healing traumatic wounds, damage from radiation therapy of bone and soft tissue, carbon monoxide poisoning, crush wounds, acute burns and many other types of wounds can be treated at the center.

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers many therapeutic benefits,” says Joseph Jeppson, DO, Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and Medical Director for the program. Some wounds require extraordinary treatment measures to heal. Research shows that healing is accelerated by the use of hyperbarics as a gentle, combined therapy with appropriate wound care.

While a patient is in our monoplace (one person) hyperbaric chamber, he or she breathes 100% oxygen while the treatment chamber’s pressure is increased to 2 atmospheres.

The Program’s Goal

The program is supported by professionals who provide patients with advanced care. Integrating a team of wound care professionals increases the level of care and enhances the patient experience and outcome. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can only be prescribed by a qualified physician and administered under his or her supervision.

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